Cambodian Mail Order Brides & Cambodian Women For Dating

Before starting an introduction to amazing Cambodian women and their mentality, it’s important to remind that Cambodia isn’t the most crowded and known Southeastern country to look for the love of your life. It primarily means two main things. First, you won’t probably be aware of some unique Cambodian dating culture facts even if you traveled to other neighboring countries or looked for other Asian brides online. Second, this country presents a plethora of attractive women who are just discovering the advantages of online dating, and you will probably have no competitors there. So, let’s find out what are special characteristics of Cambodian wives and how traditional dating looks out there.

Cambodian women for marriage: why will they surprise you?

Cambodian mail order brides are like an undiscovered treasure. Why? They are known for all the characteristics that make them perfect wives and genuine soulmates. While some other Asian countries are moving on and acquiring Western touch in all aspects of life, traditionality is the best word to describe dating culture in Cambodia. So, what are the gritty-nitty you need to know to impress local ladies?

Ladies from Cambodia are buoyant and strong-minded

Cambodian people faced a lot of challenges during the last decades, including a big Khmer Rouge tragedy and a lot of civil wars. All these sad events made local women inherit an ability to stay resilient, easily pull themselves together no matter what is going on, keep an optimistic mindset, and carry on. In addition to that, Cambodia was rebuilt at a rapid pace thanks to hard-working, patriotically dedicated, and diligent people. These features are deeply inherited in the Cambodian mentality and stay current even now when the life of local people is easier and less dangerous. That’s why a lot of Cambodian wives are looking for strong and confident husbands, who can handle any difficult situation, keep calm, and withstand.

Cambodian brides are deeply religious

97% of Cambodians are the followers of Theravada Buddhism, and most of them practice religion respecting the ceremonies, attending special festivals like Buddha Day, Wesak, Vaisakha — commemorating the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death, and temples on other significant days, having pagodas all over the country and images of Buddha in houses. So when you intend to date a lady from Cambodia, be aware of her religion and avoid any topics that might offend her beliefs.

Women from Cambodia are gentle and tolerant

Cambodian brides are kind, sweet, always wear a smile, and have a twinkle in their eyes. Coming from Buddhism, compassion is also a part of the daily life of local people. Whenever their close people need their help, they will be ready to come to the assistance and will expect no interest out of that. Apart from that, most local women can be characterized by 3 more main features (which are also called Brahma-Viharas or sublime states of mind) — loving kindness (metta), sympathetic joy (mudita), equanimity (upekkha). Although those features were originally inherent in the culture of Khmer revered kings, the current example of it still abound. Cambodian people don’t hold grudges to their previous colonizers but welcome any foreigners with their unique kindness, hospitality, and genuine smile on the face.

Cambodian girls for marriage are caring and dedicated

In Cambodia, life revolves around the family, and close people are the priority of every Cambodian woman. Even if all Asian cultures put family first and therefore, local women make excellent wives, Cambodia is a perfect country to look for a wife. Why? All girls learn the Chbab Srey (or Rules for Girls) as a part of the school program. This codex teaches them how to respect their future husbands, always keep the flame of the relationship alive, and express their feminine features in the best way.

Some modern Cambodian women consider the codex an example of what society expects from women rather than what true women should be. That’s why more brides decide which exact principles they should follow and avoid being too submissive, yet keep their femininity, dedication to the family, and ability to care.

Cambodian women love superstitions and spirituality

While all Cambodian mail order brides are genuine practitioners of Buddhism, superstition runs strong too. First, local people respect their ancestors who can be seen during the Pchum Beng in October. Cambodians believe that the souls of their ancestors can feel hunger and therefore offer them food. Also, when they build a house, they have to ask permission from the spirit of the land and organize a ceremony to honor the spirit.

Second, Cambodian brides are deeply superstitious when it comes to their future love. For example, young ladies count the gecko’s croak (which is present in every house) to know more about their future husbands. To the first croak, they say “single” while during the second croak — “widow”. Then, the last croak should reveal whom they will marry.

Cambodian wives can be shy and really modest in their relationships

While dating a Cambodian girl, there are two important aspects to know. First, the process of dating is new to most Cambodian women for marriage. Most Cambodian ladies from traditional and conservative families are expected not to date or mingle freely with men. Therefore, if they decide to date, they should marry in the shortest period not to cause judgment from other people. Also kissing or holding hands in public is a sign of serious relationships. That’s why Cambodian ladies, in turn, keep their boyfriends a secret until engagement (especially from their families).

Second, local ladies can be shy during your first meetings. It’s completely dictated by their society and being too open with a stranger is not an appropriate gesture. However, as soon as you become closer, you will be surprised by the transformation of a lady, her sense of humor, and kindness.

Tricks and faux-pas to learn while dating Cambodian brides

So, how should you behave to attract a Cambodian woman and make a great first impression? Here are some general rules that will reveal to you the secrets of Cambodian dating.

  1. Take it slow. Waiting is essential while dating Cambodian brides. Most of them will be scared off if you rush up your relationships or eventually hint at physical contact before getting serious.
  2. Don’t criticize her country or politicians. Despite the challenges, Cambodian girls for marriage take pride in their country.
  3. Choose a karaoke for one of your first dates. The majority of Cambodian ladies love to sing, and such an activity can be a great ice-breaker if it’s one of your first meetings.
  4. Behave confidently. Cambodian ladies adore strong and masculine men and give preference to such a type when choosing a future husband.

Breakdown: Cambodian mail order brides and their cultural traits

To sum it up, despite being not so famous in the world of international dating, Cambodian ladies are a perfect match if you wonder how to find an Asian girlfriend with a traditional approach to dating, kind heart, and respect. She will take care of your home, kids, relationship, and will be a great advisor, listener, and genuine soulmate for your whole life.