Why Are Asians So Attractive? It’s All In The Genes!

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Women from Asian countries are considered incredibly hot and beautiful by guys from the United States, Canada, and Europe. What is the reason behind such popularity? Some say that it is the cuteness of faces, while others believe that women from Asia have more feminine facial features than Western women. In the sections below, you will be able to find out about the most prominent qualities of unique Asian appearance as well as find out the top 5 most beautiful women from this region. If you wish to learn more about Asian women, check out this Asian women blog. Let’s find out why are Asians so attractive

Attractiveness of Asian women for marriage – what is the secret?

According to a psychological study conducted by Ian D. Stephen, women from Asia are considered more attractive than White women because their faces are perceived as more feminine than White faces. In other words, guys from Western countries dream of dating and marrying women of a certain appearance, and Asian ladies match such an appearance. Moreover, women from Asian countries seek more masculine faces, which is why relationships between White men and Asian women are so popular and common in the United States and globally.

Asians brides

The secret behind Asian attractiveness is quite simple – men are attracted by cute faces, small and petite bodies, and marvelous hair. The only thing that you need to be aware of is not to create a literal and symbolic concept of Asian appearance, upon which one could construct his fantasies of the perfect Asian lover. Women from Asia are different, and their appearances do not define their character.

The most beautiful Asian celebrities

Why are Asian women so attractive? For those who wonder, we can offer a list of top 5 Asian female celebrities. You may look up any of the women that we have included in the list and check out numerous photos of these marvelous, graceful, and gorgeous women:

  • Satomi Ishihara – a Japanese actress who is incredibly popular in Japan and all over the world. What makes her so popular is the fact that she rarely uses makeup, displaying her pure and natural appearance
  • Fan Bingbing – she is considered as one of the hottest women in Asia. Fan is a popular show star, producer, actress, and singer in China
  • Marian Rivera – a Filipino model and actress. She is believed to be the most beautiful woman in her country
  • Davika Hoorne – a Thai actress and model. She gained popularity for her pure beauty and great acting skill
  • Lucy Liu – one of the most recognizable Asian faces in the world, Lucy Liu is definitely a woman of exceptional beauty and sexiness. Even being close to 50s, her elegance and grace still can give the young ladies a run for their money

There are dozens and even hundreds of stunningly beautiful women from Asian countries. And each country will offer you some unique Asian appearance. We highly recommend you to spend some time and enjoy the wonderful and exotic beauty of Asian girls. It will definitely answer the question ’why are Asians attractive?’

Uniqueness of Asian appearance – what is so appealing?

What are the distinctive qualities of girls from Asia? First of all, it is essential to understand that Asia is an incredibly large region that includes numerous countries. Women from different Asian countries possess some facial appearance or feature that makes them unique. In this section, we are going to cover most prominent Asian countries and define the appearances of women who live there!


Most of the time, girls from Japan are going to have white and even ivory-colored skin, dark hair, and symmetrical faces. Although the era when skin color symbolized the type of the family you came from has gone, some traditions remain the same. Japanese women have small, oval, and slim faces, petite figures, and long legs. Lastly, it is important to mention the double eyelid – a facial feature that makes the eye look bigger.

The Philippines

Women from the Philippines have round faces. They also have larger noses and eyes compared to Chinese or Japanese women. Most women that you could meet would have darker complexion but no dark brown color that is typical of Malayan ladies. Filipino women differ in height, weight, and body types.

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Girls from China share a lot of beauty standards with Japanese women. Chinese ladies usually have dark hair color, petite bodies, slim, oval, and symmetrical faces. Double eyelids are also appraised in Chinese culture and considered a beauty standard.


South Korea is the country where beauty ideals are the strictest. Pale and flawless skin, double eyelids, small, oval, and cute faces, thin nose bridge, and petite figure are among the most prominent features that most Korean women want to have. It is essential to emphasize the obsession with clear and pale looking skin as well as procedures that could make the eyes look even bigger than they are.


Thai women are not obsessed with skin-color – you may find plenty of women who have lighter complexion as well as girls with darker skin tones. The most definitive feature of most women from Thailand is their bodies – women from this country are usually slim, healthy, and fit. With gorgeous skin, long hair, and mesmerizing smiles, Thai women are definitely among most beautiful women in the world!