Dating A Filipino Woman: How-To Guide

Winning the heart of a Filipino woman is not so easy, and it is even harder if there is a cultural difference between you. Yet, Filipino mail order brides will definitely fall for you if you do the following.

Do you have any problems with courting women? Do you think that international dating and further courting a foreign Filipino bride will be a headache?

We will help you get rid of all those troubles and annoying questions. We have an ultimate Filipino dating guide that will help you impress a woman wherever you are and wherever she is. We have collected all the useful information and compressed it into a guide that will tell you everything about each step of Filipino courtship.

Read on to see how to marry a Filipina woman within the shortest period and learn a lot of interesting facts about starting a relationship in the Philippines!

filipino woman for marriage

Impressing Filipino singles: is it different from traditional courting?

Yes, it is completely different from the courting in other countries. However, you should understand that if you are not a citizen of the Philippines you do not have to follow all the existing traditions of starting a relationship with a Filipina girl.

We will discuss the traditional way of Philippine dating. It does not have as many differences compared to traditional Western dating as it may seem, but you still should know your possibilities and some general rules not to push away a woman you like with your polite, yet Western manners.

Where to meet Filipina singles on the islands and online?

You can meet the girls literally everywhere on the islands, of course. However, if you want to have more chances of meeting single girls, you should visit the cafes near the sea: there are plenty of women who want to meet their perfect matches. Usually, there are even special places which are especially loved by singles, but we cannot provide you with those points. You should ask the locals about them: if you are friendly, they will share some interesting info with you!

Additionally, you can visit the places where people offer extreme services, such as jumps off cliffs, for example. You do not need to risk your life! Just remember that there are a lot of girls who adore looking at how men compare their bravery. If you are keen on extremes, you can participate in some activities as well, and you can be sure that several beauties will surround you after you successfully show your skills and courage.

The women on the islands are very talkative and friendly, so you can just ask any of them about the most beautiful places nearby, and it may be a perfect beginning of your new relationship.

By the way, you can visit international online dating platforms and make new contacts with girls there! There are a lot of Philippines mail order brides who are waiting for their perfect foreign partners.

filipino bride for marriage

Traditional dating women in the Philippines

The first thing you should do is imagine the shyest woman in the world. Think about this woman as about a butterfly that flies around and can be easily spooked. Keeping it in mind, you should remember the following as well:

  • Instead of asking your woman to go to a restaurant or your hotel room, ask her to meet in a mall. The malls are the best places for the first dates because they are popular and crowded. It will be perfect for making the first meeting on public, just for the comfort of your girl.
  • Do not rely on typical pick-up tips. Almost all of them are quite aggressive and straight, and this is not the best tactic to use to charm Philippine women. Start your dialog with a compliment about her beautiful eyes or something you find attractive, but be attentive! Do not say anything about her curves: she may consider your interest to her as sexual only.
  • The girls on the islands have a good sense of humor. It means that you will likely hear plenty of jokes and a lot of sincere laughter. Show your wittiness and sunny disposition and answer your girl with lots of jokes as well! Make her smile; the beautiful Filipinas have beautiful smiles.
  • Do not get mad if your beauty wants to take her sister or a female friend to the date with you. The very first meeting is crucial for any girl in the Philippines, and you should understand that they can be nervous. A friend or a female relative may help her feel more confident. Additionally, in the Philippines such a gesture reflects the serious intentions of a woman, so do not blame your girl for suspiciousness or any fears. However, if she takes several friends with you, she may think about using you.
  • Courting a Fillipino woman is almost impossible without a little game: she may not show any feelings to you, only light interest. However, it is a tradition that implies that a man should reveal his own feelings to a girl first, and only then she will answer. Be ready to start expressing your emotions!
  • Philipino ladies adore food. There are plenty of places you can visit with your lady and try new dishes! Use this possibility to start various discussions about the Philippines cuisine, about the preferences of your woman, and so on. Pay for her everywhere: the girls of the islands appreciate the generosity of the foreigners.
  • Ask your woman about her relatives. Family is the number one reason to live in the Philippines, and we mean not only the blood relatives but the families they get after marriage (future husbands and kids). Note the attitude of your girl to her parents: if she respects them, she will respect you too.
  • Phillipine women are very jealous. Be careful with the words about her female friends, relatives, or just passing by beauties. If you are on a date with one girl, please focus on her. Otherwise, you will easily lose her.
  • On the islands there is a tradition to send letters with poetry or to serenade. It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but girls appreciate such attention from men, especially foreigners who usually do not know those traditions. Additionally, it is just very romantic, and it is one of the things ladies want to experience if agree to date Western men: a lot of men on the Philippines do not like such extra ways to court a Filipina.

Bonus: phrases you can use to charm a Filipino bride

You do not have to speak Tagalog to charm a girl, but you will get a lot more chances to impress a woman if you talk to her in her native language. By learning some phrases, you show your admiration of her culture and comfort during communication. Use this

  • Pwede ba kita tabihan? (Can I sit beside you?) Start a dialog with a Philippine girl with it anywhere!
  • Ang ganda mo. (You are so beautiful). The best phrase a woman can hear!
  • Kailan tayo pwede magkita ulit? (When can we see each other again?)
  • May nanliligaw ba sa iyo? (Is someone courting you?) If you are in the islands and meet a girl you want to date, it will be polite and correct to ask if she has a boyfriend.
  • May gusto ako sa iyo. (I like you/I have a crush on you)
  • Gusto kitang makasama habang buhay. (I want to spend the rest of my life with you). The most romantic thing men can say to their sweethearts!
  • Mahal kita/Minamahal kita/Lab kita. (slang) (I love you)
  • Ikaw lamang ang aking iibigin magpakailanman. (You are the only one I will love forever.). It is the most complicated phrase to say, but it is worth it!
  • Tatanggapin mo ba ang alay kong pakasalan kita? (Will you marry me?) No comments.
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To sum up

Now you are completely ready to meet an islands’ girl! Philippine women are modest, easy-going, lovely, and have an amazing sense of humor. They adore making new contacts and showing the sightseeing to foreigners. They like enlivened places and new experiences. Respect them, love them, cheer them up, and they will answer you with a warm welcome!

We wish you good luck in dating a Filipino woman! Be confident and relaxed, and you will meet your love soon in this fantastic country.