10 Most Coveted Male Qualities For Japanese Women

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Japan steadily occupies the top spots on the lists of the most popular Asian brides. And while we know Japanese women have numerous appealing traits, few Western men can answer the most important question: “What are Japanese women like?” Here is your ultimate guide to the taste of Japanese women in men.

1. Attractive appearance

Japanese women have realistic expectations and don’t want a male supermodel by their side. However, they need to see you are making an effort to look presentable. A trendy hairstyle, strong but natural physique, and casual yet well-fitted clothing will instantly make you more attractive in the eyes of a Japanese lady.

Japanese lady

2. Politeness

Politeness is the signature quality of Japanese people and your woman from Japan also expects you to be polite and formal, at least at the early stages of the relationship. Then you can gradually become less formal, but you will need to remain polite if you don’t want to turn your Japanese woman away.

3. Professional ambitions

Japanese women are as passionate about work as men in their country and they want to see an equally ambitious man as their life partner. Whether you have your own business or are an employee at a big company, you need to prove you have a bright professional future ahead of you.

4. Wide outlook

There is nothing women from Japan can’t stand more than men whose only interest is work. You need to be able to maintain any conversation with a Japanese girl, and it’s impossible to do that without a wide outlook and a genuine love for learning.

5. Family values

If we had just one chance to answer the question “What do Japanese women like in men?”, we would probably say it’s strong family values. Japanese women are not looking for a casual boyfriend — they want a man who will become a loyal husband and loving father to their children.

6. Sense of humor

The first time you meet a Japanese woman, you will probably be surprised by her sense of humor, which is both naive and slightly dark. Ideally, you two will be laughing at the same things and you should also be able to make her laugh.

7. Comfortable in his masculinity

Women from Japan want a man who is absolutely comfortable in his masculinity, a man who allows himself to be sensitive and vulnerable when needed but can also take the lead and sort things out when the situation requires it.

8. Respect for elders

A Japanese woman you meet will probably be very close to her parents and grandparents, and she will expect you to display the same respect and admiration for them as she does. In return, she will accept your family members as her own.

9. Good with his hands

One of the first physical features of a man Japanese women pay attention to is his hands. They need to be strong and soft, but most importantly, you need to be good with them. From a relaxing massage after a hard day of work to putting up a bookshelf — the women of Japan want it all.

Japan women

10. Easy-going character

Both you and your Japanese bride will likely have very intense work schedules, but professional commitments should not prevent you from paying enough attention to your partner. She will constantly find new ways to spend a great time together, and you need to be willing to drop everything to be with her.


Japanese women make amazing wives, but there are many other Asian bride ethnicities you should know about. Check out our Asian women blog to find out everything you need to know about Asian women for marriage!