All About AsianWomenBlog — How Do We Choose Sites?

The team of — Who we are?

We are a team of people who know how complicated making a choice in the modern world can be. It’s complicated even when you are choosing a good or a service online, not to mention the platform that is supposed to connect you with your future spouse or a date. The online dating industry is developing, the number of sites with girls, in particular, Asian girls, and Asian mail order brides is growing all the time, but unfortunately, not all of them are worth joining.

We are people who analyze tons of statistical and empirical data to distinguish sites that offer good services from poorly-made platforms that have nothing to offer to a single. We share the results of our research with you to help you save your time and still choose the right place to meet an Asian woman.

Do we make money with our website?

If you try to find paid content on this site, you’ll fail to do it. All our reviews, rankings, and online dating guides are completely free to read, safe, and use. We analyze hundreds of platforms, monitor the online dating market, and make every effort to provide you with up-to-date information about it. How do we earn money to maintain the site? The thing is we cooperate with some of the dating platforms. It affects the way information is displayed on our site and it may affect our rankings. We receive money only if a user follows our links, creates an account on the dating website, uses the services, and pays for membership.

How our reviews and rankings are created

Still, we also analyze a lot of aspects of the work of the sites and check all updates to provide you with accurate and relevant information. Designers, sociologists, and webmasters in our team gather all the information, use the sites under review, identify all benefits and drawbacks of using a particular mail order site or an international dating site, and all those data are used to evaluate the site as a whole and decide if we can recommend it or not.

What are our evaluation criteria?

Here are the 6 most important criteria we take into consideration when choosing a dating website for you.

  • The customer choice. How many people use the site? Do they keep using it over time? How active are they? We use services like SimilarWeb, SE Ranking, and other platforms to get accurate data.
  • Available features. Another question is what exactly the website offers. Is there a live chat? Does it provide any special features? Don’t they cost too much for members? We test platforms to understand if the services are good enough and that prices are reasonable.
  • The reputation of the platform. Reputation matters because it shows what kind of experience users have on the site. We monitor all the reviews and feedback on Facebook, Instagram, as well on such websites as,, analyze them, and identify all pros and cons of the site.
  • User experience. Our designers and analysts join the websites as new members and test all the features, evaluate the general impression that a site makes on a user, find out if it is easy to use and if it is compatible with all devices.
  • Members’ profiles. It’s not only about the amount of information and the number of photos/videos members provide. It’s also about members themselves. How old are they? What are their goals? How many women are registered? How attractive they are (this is very subjective, but we need to consider this too in terms of dating)? We look through a lot of profiles, use statistics and search to find the answers to these questions.